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Can multiple .vsix with VB/C# Diagnostic Analyzer/CodeFix/AutoUpdate cause performance issue?

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Aug 12, 2014 at 11:56 AM
I'm implementing a system that will implement code quality as part of in-house quality measures. I've structured the system in two possible ways of implementation as follows:

Implementation 1: (Already implemented)
  1. An AutoUpdate extension (Stub)
  2. C# CodeQualityPlugin (Roslyn C# Diagnostic Analyzer & Code Fix)
  3. VB CodeQualityPlugin (Roslyn VB Diagnostic Analyzer & Code Fix)
The AutoUpdate feature checks for any update of itself and other CodeQuality plugins by verifying their version number. It halts update for the next 7 days once the CodeQuality plugins are updated.

This is presently my idea of implementation, but the development is halted citing the possible performance issue related to number of extensions in this implementation and that there might be a Visual Studio limitations in its usage/performance (as mentioned by the team)

Implementation 2: (Suggested)
  1. C# CodeQualityPlugin (Roslyn C# Diagnostic Analyzer, Code Fix, AutoUpdate)
  2. VB CodeQualityPlugin (Roslyn VB Diagnostic Analyzer, Code Fix, AutoUpdate)
In this the update functionality is individually triggered and maintains the single responsibility philosophy.

I'm not sure if the AutoUpdate project (Which uses the menu command template) and C#/VB CodeFix/DiagnosticAnalyzer project (Roslyn Template ) can co-exist?

Implementation 3: (One of the opinion)
  1. CodeQualityPlugin (Roslyn C#/VB Diagnostic Analyzer, Code Fix, AutoUpdate)
I'm not even sure if these three can co-exists in a single vsix.

So my question what could be the performance issues in the above three scenarios, and how do we implement the plugin that we develop based on the Roslyn template into a normal menu command template extension for visual studio.