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Tracing & Logging

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Jan 10, 2015 at 2:53 PM
How to add tracing and logging to analysers? As you may not know I have been experiencing a issue to that some how causes my analyser to work in the experimental instance, but not the normal instance. So I'm thinking of adding in tracing and logging, that I can examine when I run it in the normal instance.

What are your recommendations and suggestions about approaching this?
I desktop application I could implement a top level exception handler, but with the analysers being independent "plugins" modules for Visual Studio I can see anywhere I could implement this approach.

I think I could use ETW (which would initially require admin privileges to create the event source,) but I concern that this wouldn't be available to a portable class.

I tried
but where can I see the output in VS? If it does output text it (to me) is lost in the noise of other outputted text.

Outputting to a file in My Documents (no admin privileges) would work.