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Formatting issues

Topics: APIs
Jan 19, 2015 at 3:48 PM
Recently, I asked how I can format and beautify my generated syntax tree. In the meantime we found two issues related to formatting a document with various options. I think there might be much more, so I will design this question as an extensible list.
  • From the Visual Studio settings, I think Space_AfterMethodCallName correlates to CSharpFormattingOptions.SpaceAfterMethodCallName. However, when formatting in Visual Studio, this setting also applies to spacing between attribute and its braces as in "MyAttribute ". The [ ] marks the position of the optional space.
  • It is not possible to define whether attribute declarations should be joined within a single square-bracket pair or not. So I cannot distinguish between [Attr1, Attr2] and [Attr1] [Attr2].
Thanks in advance!