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Light bulb display with visible whitespace


In the 4/3 End User Preview, the appearance of the light bulb hint in the editor could be cleaner when visible whitespace is enabled.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Switch to the Dark theme for Visual Studio
  2. Enable visible whitespace, and set the indentation mode to use space characters for indenting
  3. Add an indented line of code that results in the light bulb hint appearing

Expected behavior

The dots indicating space characters would not be visible over the top of the light bulb's surrounding rectangle.

Actual behavior

The light bulb's rectangle appears to have a visual anomaly due to the appearance of visible whitespace characters over it (or through it if transparency is involved).


dustincampbell wrote Jul 22, 2014 at 3:10 PM


This is a duplicate of an issue that we are already tracking internally. However, that issue is already fixed and you can see this working properly in the Visual Studio "14" CTPs.

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Dustin Campbell
Visual Studio Managed Languages