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Does not Build!


Hello, I did the following:

git clone
cd Roslyn
msbuild .\BuildAndTest.proj

It failed with 8 warnings and 52 errors.

I did an msbuild -version if it helps (I have Visual Studio 2010 and 2013 installed).

Reported version is:
Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 4.0.30319.18408
[Microsoft .NET Framework, version 4.0.30319.18444]
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
I've attached the build logs. Let me know if you need further information, or if I'm doing something silly, etc.

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sruppr wrote Jul 12, 2014 at 2:49 AM

Have you tried switching to the origin/releases/build-preview branch? The master branch has been updated to compile with Visual Studio 14.

paolosev wrote Jul 16, 2014 at 6:19 PM

I am trying to build Roslyn with the VS14-CTP2, but I get errors. Many errors in the master branch, and just two errors ("The pipe has been ended" for BasicCodeAnalysis.vsproj and CompilerTestResources.vbproj) in the Dev14CTP1 branch.
What I am doing wrong? :)

VSadov wrote Jul 19, 2014 at 9:54 PM

Hello BrainSlugs83,

I have looked into your build output and the first error was:

C:\projects\roslyn\Src\Tools\Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Toolset.Open\Targets\VSL.Imports.targets(195,3): error MSB4019: The imported project "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v11.0\VSSDK\Microsoft.VsSDK.targets" was not found. Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk. [C:\projects\roslyn\Src\Compilers\Package\CompilerPackage.csproj]

From this I can guess that you might not have VS SDK installed and/or building in VS2010 command prompt.

As a way to fix this issue, I would make sure you have Visual Studio 2013 SDK is installed. It is an easy download from
It installs very quickly too.

Also, since you have both VS2013 and VS2010 on your machine, when building, make sure you are building from the VS2013 command prompt. The shortcut to the prompt can be typically found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools\Shortcuts  
and it is called

"Developer Command Prompt for VS2013"

Also, after doing the above, make sure to do the "Disable strong name verification of Roslyn binaries" step from the "Building, Testing and Debugging" page ( ).

Skipping that step is another common reason for numerous build failures.


BrainSlugs83 wrote Sep 1, 2014 at 8:26 AM

Hey @VSadov,

I've switched to building with the 2013 version of msbuild; I've installed the Visual Studio 2013 SDK, and have disabled strong name verification, and restored the Nuget Packages (actually it seems just building restores the packages, when I ran the "Src.nuget\nuget restore Src\Roslyn.sln" command it said everything was already installed... twice, but, whatever...)

I am now able to build the solution.

However, there are TONS of failing unit tests (I'm not sure any actually pass, the console just runs red with the bloody stack traces of failed unit tests as far as the eye can see...)

So two thoughts:
1.) The environment setup stuff should be easier to find -- I had no idea those instructions existed -- there should be either a "SetupEnvironment.bat" in the root folder or a "BuildInstructions.txt", or a msbuild target that runs before everything else verifying you have the prerequisites installed... or something!

2.) All the failing XUnit Tests are very scary... I wonder if there is an additional environment setup that I need to do, or if there really is that many broken tests in the master branch right now? (i.e. are they supposed to fail -- because that doesn't seem right...)