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Xml Literals for C#


Would like to something like the " xml literals" for c#.


marstr wrote Oct 31, 2014 at 1:39 AM

This gets tossed around as an idea every so often. As I understand it, the objection that folks like Anders take with this suggestion is that it builds a dependency on a particular technology into the language. Imagine, for instance, as JSON takes over for XML, does it make sense to keep supporting bugs that show up with XML Literals? Does the weight of an XML implementation need to continue following around every project? It is better then to treat specific technologies the way the XML & JSON are treated today; have tooling built into libraries which may or may not be included.

VB is a great place for this kind of feature, as philosophically the language designers are much more prone to add dependencies in the name of productivity. My suggestion, keep representing VB!