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Expected Global line

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Jul 29, 2014 at 11:02 AM
I have done the following...
Step 1: VB.Net project developed in Visual Studio 2005 version project is available
Step 2: Opened with Visual Studio 2012 and it got auto-migrated.
Step 3: Now using Visual Studio 2012 Rosyln, tried to access that reference that folder and load the solution --- Roslyn.Services.Workspace.LoadSolution(solutionPath.Trim());

An exception is thrown... Expected Global line

  1. Which versions can be code analysed with Roslyn?
  2. Since, it is already migrated to new versions, why the exception fired?
  3. IF ROSYLN cannot be used for older versions, please suggest a tool which can do the similar things like code analyse, and replace.
thanks in advance.

Looking for reply ASAP