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Roslyn Script Hosting Idea and Wish List

Topics: APIs, C# Language Design, General
Aug 12, 2014 at 1:32 PM
I like Roslyn Script Engine. I am using Microsoft Roslyn CTP - September 2012. I wish the C# Script development can be developed just like normal C# development where library references, class inheritance, intelliSense and other goodies are available to developer. And it no need compilation. It can just edit, save and run.

I wrote an engine to allow me to achieve the above mention wish. After I development my code in Visual Studio 2012. I execute my engine which utilized various Roslyn features to code analysis and code generate the C# codes and turn it into C# scripts. If the C# has parent class it will convert it too all the to its root. Then each of the converted C# scripts are compiled into submission and keep it in a collection. The top parent class's submission is saved in the top of the collection so that the collection of submissions can be executed according to REPL manner.

Developing all in Visual Studio in C# form means that it allow you to do debugging before you execute it in script mode thus achieve something that pure C# scripts can not achieve.

I hope Roslyn Scripting can be retained and may be provide some above mention ability in the future. I really can build something great from Roslyn.
Aug 14, 2014 at 4:51 AM
Just wanted to +1 this. ASP.NET vNext is already going this route with the announcement that code changes are reflected in the browser instantly. If the Roslyn Script Engine receives the love it deserves, I foresee huge gains in rapid prototyping and UI development, as well as making it much, much easier to provide plugin/extensibility to products. If I can see so many incredible uses for C# scripting, I just can't imagine what kind of innovative uses the ninja devs out there will find for it.