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Deploying changes to VS 14 CTP3 does not work


Issue is described in this discussion:
Since it's had no response other than my own since it was originally posted some time ago, I'm filing this as an issue.

In short, upon modifying Roslyn, I have a working csc.exe with some language changes. It successfully compiles C# files into usable executables/DLLs with no problem. However, when I follow the documentation under "Deploying changes to Visual Studio" by setting Compilers\CompilerPackage as the start-up project and pressing F5, it indeed builds the solution and launches Visual Studio, but without my changes. It appears to be running the standard Roslyn that ships with 14 CTP3.

I've made sure to run a (corrected) Prepare.bat beforehand.
Tested against VS 14 CTP3 using both master and releases/Dev14CTP3 branches, both have the same issue.


one_boy wrote Oct 3, 2014 at 3:29 PM

I was struggling with the same issue, but without success.