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"Edit and continue" appears on debug but no edit was made



We developed a VisualStudio extension based on Roslyn language service.
For now, we work on Visual Studio 2013, so we use the Roslyn Preview package.

We installed both package on some key users of our organization.
Some of them warned us about this issue :

On a debug session, when reaching a breakpoint or stopped on an Exception, the "Edit and Continue" window appears, although they did not edit code.
They are forced to end the debug session.

We planned to distribute our new extension and Roslyn preview to all our devs (more than 100 devs) but this issue can forced us to renounce and wait for VS14 (which would make us really sad...).

Maybe you already know this issue ? Is this corrected for the CTP 14 ?

Thank you,


VSadov wrote Nov 6, 2014 at 10:52 PM

The Edit and Continue support has been significantly changed in Roslyn. Unexpected rude edits is one of the areas that should be improved. Without an actual scenario it is hard to tell, but very likely it is fixed. Using a recent CTP is probably the only way to find out.

Note that Roslyn preview is getting very old. Roslyn APIs went through a lot of changes since then. That could be another reason to check if your extensions can be adapted to the changes.