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SyntaxVisualizer Properties Pane to Just Show "Common" Items


The syntax visualizer is becoming a very important part of understanding existing code in Roslyn - particularly in creating visualizers. As such, it could really use improvements ).
  • For the properties pane: A mode, like a check box, that hides the common things. I currently hack this using With... in IntelliSense, so the members that can be changed with a "With" are the most important. The easiest way to do this, although a bit orthogonal to my purpose in asking, is to use the hierarchy - perhaps "Current item", "Common" (CSharp/VBSyntaxNode and above) and "Intervening" if there were intervening classes. Obviously this makes a lot more sense on nodes than tokens. Letting us pick the important ones and provide feedback would be awesome crowd-sourcing, but probably way more complicated than the feature deserves. We could do a one time vote here, requesting only people that actually are using Roslyn vote, and then rank and then have a slider to more/less. If we do that, i would not want it to be binary, but a slider as the thing I am looking for may be ranked lower. Obviously stream of conscious here to get all my ideas down - but this just popped into my head (meaning, be a tad suspicious) Forget the buttons and let us sort. Then let give us default "usage" ordering in an JSON/XML file we have access to altering. We can adjust the order so the ones we like are near the top. If there's time, make this a list we sort in place that updates the JSON/XML file. Yes, I think this feature is that important.