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Roslyn Diagnostic + Visual Studio Colorisation



Does any know where I can location an "simple" example of colourisation of a token based on a Roslyn diagnostic. Yep I can make them Info, Warning, Error or Hidden. So let say want to use Hidden so it doesn't appear in the Errors list/window, but is accessible so I could do something with it later.

Now I've got these hidden diagnostic, now I would like to affect the colourisation of the text in the IDE.

This is what I've tried so for.
Private Sub CreateVisuals(ByVal line As ITextViewLine)
    'grab a reference to the lines in the current TextView 
    Dim textViewLines = _view?.TextViewLines
    If textViewLines Is Nothing Then Exit Sub 
    If line Is Nothing Then Exit Sub 
    Dim lineStart As Integer = line.Start
    Dim lineEnd As Integer = line.End
    Dim q = textViewLines.FirstOrDefault
    If q Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Dim qq = q.Snapshot.GetOpenDocumentInCurrentContextWithChanges
    If qq Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Dim sm = qq.GetSemanticModelAsync.Result '..GetSemanticModelAsync.Result
    '   Dim di = sm.GetSyntaxDiagnostics.ToArray
    If sm Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Dim diags = sm.GetDiagnostics.ToArray
I have tried GetSyntaxDiagnostic
   If diags.Any() = False Then Exit Sub
    For Each d In diags
      ' This is the ID if the Diagnostic I want to color.
      'If d.Id<>"SFD000" Then Continue For
      Dim charSpan As New SnapshotSpan(_view.TextSnapshot,
                      Span.FromBounds(d.Location.SourceSpan.Start, d.Location.SourceSpan.End))
      Dim g As Geometry = textViewLines.GetMarkerGeometry(charSpan)
      If g IsNot Nothing Then
        Dim drawing As New GeometryDrawing(_brush, _pen, g) : drawing.Freeze()
        Dim drawingImage As New DrawingImage(drawing) : drawingImage.Freeze()
        Dim image As New Image()
        image.Source = drawingImage
        'Align the image with the top of the bounds of the text geometry
        Canvas.SetLeft(image, g.Bounds.Left)
        Canvas.SetTop(image, g.Bounds.Top)
                             charSpan, Nothing, image, Nothing)
      End If
  Catch ex As Exception
  End Try 
End Sub
I get the diagnostic issue by the compiler, but not mine. Why?

The Example can be either C# or

I've asked about this issue on StackOverflow.


SLaks replied with the following response.
This can only be done with IDiagnosticService (which is how Roslyn classifies error tags & unnecessary > > > code).

That interface is internal, so you're out of luck (unless you want to use a lot of Reflection).

You can file an issue on CodePlex & ask them to make IDiagnosticService public.

You can also ask them to make AbstractDiagnosticsTagProducer<TTag> public; it will do exactly what
you're looking for, letting you plug in a filter and a tag creator.
For more information, look at that class in a decompiler.


Since this is approach is actively be used by people implementing Diagnostic Analyzers,, under the guise that could implement colourisation later (via hidden). is seems a shame that it's not currently possible. Without resorting to doing the analysis twice (diagnostic + colourisation) or using Reflection.


One option would be to provide additional Enumerations
Custom shown in error window
Custom_Hidden not shown in error window.

then create an overload that can accept a styling parameter, which is used instead of the currently use styling.
        diagn_ID, category, message,
        DiagnosticSeverity.Hidden, True,
        0, description, helplink, loc, additional_loc, tags,