ConvertToAutoPropertyCS sample project won't do anything

After building and starting that project, it won't show anything under quick actions for properties. I could not hit any breakpoint in source code too.

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Wrong ConvertedType at "params" parameter

Consider the following methods: public static string Format(string format, object arg0); public static string Format(IFormatProvider provider, string format, params object[] args); on invocati...

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Update home page for VS2015 RTM

Install the SDK Templates VSIX package to get the Visual Studio project templates. Link "" doesn't work anymore.

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Fix VS2013 + Roslyn and/or Resharper compatibility

By this stage, this may be a known issue and/or duplicate, but it's hard to say with as fast as the sands are shifting these days. I installed the preview and templates for Visual Studio 2013 Pro...

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How to add new Project to Existing Solution in version

Hi, I want to add the new Project to Existing Solution but it did not work I am using the version of Roslyn CTP I am using Following Code MSBuildWorkspace workspace = MSBuildWorkspa...

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MSBuildWorkspace fails to open solution if a C# project is missing a compilation target

I am trying to use Roslyn to compile a VS2013 solution for code analysis purposes. The solution has many projects, one of which has no .CS files (we just use it to store JS and CSS files. It has a ...

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Conditional Compilation in XML Comments

Please support conditional compilation within XML documentation comments. This has been a source of pain since portable libraries came on the scene a while ago. Often linked code files are used to ...

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Custom name for anonymous methods and lambda expressions to have more readable stack traces.

As you may already know, we can assign a name to a function in javascript, see a following sample: jQuery.ajax("some url : jQuery.ajax will get something from a specified web resource").then(functi...

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GetSymbolInfo returns a weird result in a specific case.

Given this code: using System.Linq; using System.Reflection; using Microsoft.CodeAnalysis; using Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp; using Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Syntax; namespace RoslynOddity {...

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Script Document IntelliSense race condition

Source: (in a Script document): if (someSequence.Count() > 2) IEnumerable<int> RandomStream(int max) { yield return int. Pressing Ctrl+Space, Space, or Enter will try to consume a cancelled Model...

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